Please fill out this survey to help us improve BenJam,  an application to help children with autism communicate,especially non-verbal children.
BenJam is being created by the not-for-profit Random Hacks of Kindness initiative (RHoK). A group of volunteers who are working with Dan who is the father of Ben, a lovely 10 year old child who is non-verbal but quite comfortable using an iPad.

We're conducting this survey to learn about the types of technology that children use, and their technical abilities. The information will be use to direct the efforts of volunteer programmers who are helping to create applications for children and their carers.

We really appreciate your contribution and thank you for your time.
How old is your child?

Does your child recognise letters of the alphabet?

Does your child recognise numbers?

Does your child read?

Can your child count?

How well does your child communicate verbally?

What strategies or techniques does your child use to communicate (please tick all that apply)

If your child use digital devices, please tick all that apply

If your child does NOT use any devices please let us know why in the text field at the bottom of this form.

When using touch devices, is your child able to (please tick all that apply):

Please list below top 3 applications or games that your child uses on a digital device or computer

Are you happy with the technology available for children and parents?

Please tell us a little about your thoughts and experiences when using applications or websites tailored for children living with autism

Describe your biggest pain point. Please include application names or urls to help us learn more.
If you are interested in participating in a trial of BenJam, please include your name and email address below.

Please include below any other information that you think we would value.

Thank you so much for helping us make BenJam the best it can be.
Your contribution is extremely valuable.

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